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The Moose Jaw Multicultural Council is celebrating 40 years.

MJMC has also been offering government funded programming for newcomers for 21 years.


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January 11, 2016: Home is Where the Help is Fundraiser

If you're looking for ways to support Syrian refugees coming to Moose Jaw, as well as other new arrivals throughout the year, please consider checking out the Home is Where the Help is Fundraiser this upcoming January 15, 2016, at the Silo Bar (1590 Main Street North).

With doors opening at 8:00 PM, the event will feature live music from River Street, Ray Rawlyk, and The Oddfellas; as well as an early bird draw at 9:00 PM, followed by raffles throughout the rest of the evening.

All proceeds form ticket sales will be going to supporting the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council in our efforts to resettle newcomers in need.

Tickets are available in advance for $25 each at John's Music (37 Main Steet North), the Newcomer Welcome Centre (432 Main StreeNorth), and at the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council (60 Athabasca Street East). Cash only, please.

They will also be availble at the door. We hope to see you there!



December 4, 2015: Ways to help Syrian refugees



December 3, 2015: Volunteer Coordination Team Announcement


December 3, 2015: MJ Multicultural Council Announcement

Welcoming approximately 60 new refugees per year & maintaining integration services for the 800+ newcomer clients who call our region home keeps the team of approximately 20 staff at MJMC and their satellite office, the NWC, on their toes year round. The prospect of settling an additional estimated 200 refugees in a short time frame has sent our staff team scrambling to build capacity. Our many formal and informal partnerships and the strong ties that have developed with numerous community agencies, as well as the federal, provincial, and municipal governments' insight in putting together a formal initiative, the Syrian Resettlement Committee, to rally around us with every conceivable form of support possible, is making a nearly impossible scenario quite possible.

We are working actively within our networks to build the capacity that must be built in various areas, most notably

This type of work takes time and, unfortunately, reports to the public are not always as quick as we may wish. So many factors need to be synthesized before a formalized plan can be produced on any one topic. We ask for the public's patience both for our team and for our community partners whose capacity is no doubt being stretched at this busy time as well.

A couple areas that require a special measure of patience are:
•donations management
•volunteer coordination

In regards to donations, our community has outdone itself with generosity and ironically, this poses challenges of its own. MJMC definitely lacks the capacity (space & resources) needed to receive and store all the donations being offered. Fortunately, we have community partners who excel in this area. Salvation Army, in fact, indicated that they already had in their possession much of what would be required to outfit our expected new neighbors, as they receive so much "stuff" from our generous community that they are able to send (boatloads) of excess goods to people-in-need overseas every year.

The I Will Help Moose Jaw team has also been a valuable partner in this area as they are diligently working to fill in any gaps our new neighbours might face in regards to belongings & personal effects, especially through their Welcome Bag project as well as the management of a great deal of quality donated items. An overall plan will be revealed soon, but we can all rest assured that not only will our newly-arriving community members be well looked-after, but that our community has the capacity to support the needs of plenty more members who may also be in need for a variety of reasons.

MJMC has been scrambling to do a new type of welcoming and that through seeking to expand our modest volunteer program to accommodate the outpouring of interest we have seen in community members wishing to give of their time & themselves through volunteering. MJMC does not have a designated Volunteer Coordinator and the program, up until now, has been overseen by the Settlement Team, a group of busy workers whose primary task it is to do the heavily-engaged task of settling newly-arrived refugees, individuals who often require an intensive level of one-on-one support.

The Volunteer Coordination plan has now been tasked to a small committee of individuals, including some experienced players from outside agencies, whom are actively working to exponentially build its capacity.

Your patience is needed and deeply appreciated in these areas. We will let you know as soon as possible how you can best support our agency, our partner agencies, and ultimately, our newcomer clients, including the expected Syrian refugees.

Your interest and support mean the world to us.


November 27, 2015: MJ Emergency Measures Organization Announcment: